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About Maths no paper

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Marking work and correcting work is time consuming and resources are expensive, which is why we are here to look out for parents who simply don’t have the time.

Our apps target children aged 7 to 11+ and seek to help your children with their maths. With our maths apps, children and students can input their working out into their device. The unique software in our apps can create high quality questions, mark these questions, and provide the solutions. (This creates a stress-free environment for those parents who want their children to develop and succeed in maths at an early age.)

  • Affordable maths apps for 7 to 11 years olds

  • We are planning to start releasing the apps from early 2024

  • We want the apps to be encouraging, engaging and fun

  • High quality questions

  • Making maths apps accessible to everyone


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